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Regional Teaching for Greater Manchester and Lancashire Paediatric Trainees

STEP 1-3 happens on the last Wednesday of each month

STEP 4-8 will happens on the 2nd Wednesday of each month

All Trainees should be released from clinical duties to attend STEP teaching. However, if you are unable to attend in person on the day, all north west trainees will receive a log in for Advance (powered by panopto). This allows you attend teaching virtually and also stores recordings of all teaching sessions. Through this system we also have access to all Mersey STEP sessions.

Hints and Tips for using Panopto

  • Click on 'browse' to open folders, open 'STEP Teaching Department' and then open the folder of the relevant school.

  • To watch teaching live from either school click on the 'scheduled content (LIVE)' folder, for the relevant school.

  • To watch archived click on the relevant school's folder, where it will be organised by topic (some presentations are already uploaded ready to watch).

  • Click on 'How to use Advance'  video for more information.

Scheduled ST1-3 STEP Sessions

Scheduled ST4-8 STEP Sessions

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