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Less-Than-Full-Time Training (LTFTT) is a Health Education England (HEE) endorsed scheme enabling eligible doctors/trainees of any grade to work on a part time basis. This typically involves working between 50-80% of full time equivalent. You may have also seen this written as whole time equivalent (WTE) e.g. 60% WTE or 80% WTE. 

**If you are already LTFT and wish to continue this, see Step 7 of Application Procedure**

Currently, there are 7 different Eligibility categories:

  • Disability / Ill Health

  • Caring Responsibilities 

  • Welfare and Wellbeing

  • Unique Opportunities

  • Religious Commitment

  • Non-Medical Development

  • Career Development

General principles that apply include:

  1. LTFT will only commence at rotation points (unless an unexpected reason is identified during a placement e.g. health/carer/parental leave) - this includes changes in percentage of LTFT training.

  2. Applications for LTFT under 'Welfare & Wellbeing' must be submitted during the advertised windows (mid-March to mid April; and mid-September to mid-October).

  3. When rotating to a new post, LTFT trainees should contact the LTFT administrator to request another approval form 3 months in advance   

  4. The minimum LTFT is 50% WTE, although 60% or 80% WTE are the norm.

  5. Whenever possible, LTFT trainees will be placed in a slot share occupying a full-time post (e.g. each working 60% WTE).

  6. If a slot share is not possible, trainees may work reduced hours in a full-time post (up to maximum of 80% WTE).

  7. On-calls should be pro-rata (e.g. 60% of on-calls for 60% WTE); however, if willing, a LTFT trainee can do the full-time on calls provided the total hours worked do not exceed 40 hours/week. 

Application procedure:

  1. Complete Application to Commence LTFT Training form.

  2. Send form to with the subject heading 'Eligibility Request' - failure to do so may result in delay in confirming your eligibility. 

  3. Once eligibility is confirmed, trainees will be sent the LTFT Training Approval Form with a Step-by-Step Guide to assist in its completion.

  4. Send approval form via e-mail to Training Programme Director for completion.

  5. Once completed, complete Educational Supervisor section on approval form, confirming that you have made your Educational Supervisor aware of your LTFT status. 

  6. Finally, forward approval form to LTFT Training Champion at the Trust where your LTFT will commence for confirmation and distribution to Lead Employer and North West School of Paediatrics.

  7. *If you are already LTFT and wish to continue, re-send the approval form to TPD and then forward to LTFT Champion 3-months before the next rotation


LTFT Work Schedules

  1. Each LTFT doctor must have a personalised work schedule from the Trust detailing the total hours, salary, weekend frequency, and non-working day

  2. All attempts should be made, where possible, to facilitate set working day patterns where requested by the doctor, provided the service needs can be met 

  3. Unless agreed, a normal day, long day, or twilight shift should not be rostered on a non-working day 

  4. If the doctor is LTFT for health reasons, recommendations made by occupational health must be factored into the design of the roster

Pay, Annual Leave & Study Leave

  1. Elements of your pay

    • Basic pay; pro rata to relevant nodal pay point ​

      • Calculation = 1/40th of​ relevant nodal point, multiplied by average weekly hours (as per work schedule)

    • Unsocial hours; 37% enhancement of hourly basic rate on any hours between 21:00-07:00, extended beyond these hours when...

      • a night shift starts no earlier than 20:00 and no later than 23:59, and lasts longer than 8 hours in duration - the enhanced hours period is from 20:00-10:00

      • a twilight shift ending between 00:00-04:00 (inclusive) - the entirety of the shift will attract an enhancement of 37% of hourly basic rate

    • Weekend allowance

      • Pro rata to value of f​ull-time allowance, based on your work schedule's weekend frequency compared to full-time commitment to the weekend rota

      • Calculation = Work out LTFT weekend frequency as proportion of full-time weekend frequency, multiplied by cash value of full-time weekend frequency payment for your nodal point 

      • NB: If you only work one Saturday or Sunday over the weekend, this still qualifies you for weekend frequency allowance

    • Transitional pay premium

      • Annual payment of £1500 (only LTFT trainees entitled to section 1 pay protection who were either LTFT on 3 August 2016​ or on maternity leave 2 August and returned to training LTFT)

    • LTFT allowance

      • Annual payment of £1000 (only LTFT trainees who are not already receiving transitional allowance as above) ​

      • Applies to any period that you work LTFT

  2. Annual & Study leave

    • Entitlement to annual and study leave is pro rata

    • Approved study leave that fall on non-working days must be compensated with time off in lieu (TOIL) or pay ​

    • As per HEE, LTFT trainees must have the same access to study leave funding as full-time trainees

    • See: BMA Guidance on 2016 Contract for LTFT trainees

Useful links:

  1. Health Education England North West (HEE NW) LTFT Page

  2. List of LTFT Champions by Trust (HEE NW)

  3. BMA LTFT Page

  4. LTFT Post Approval Form

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