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MRCPCH Theory Exams



There are three theory exams, which you may sit in any order:

  • Foundation of Practice (FOP). Previously MRCPCH Part 1A: FOP assesses a candidate's knowledge, understanding and clinical decision-making abilities. It aims to ensure you have reached the standard of someone entering core specialist training. It lasts 2 hours 30 minutes and consists of 79 SBAs and 6 EMQs.


  • Theory and Science (TAS). Previously MRCPCH Part 1B: TAS tests basic scientific, physiological and pharmacological principles of clinical practice, and of evidence-based practice. It lasts 2 hours 30 minutes and comprises 70 SBAs and 10 EMQs. Most people find the TAS more difficult as it is much heavier on basic medical sciences than clinical questions.


  • Applied Knowledge in Practice (AKP). Previously MRCPCH Part 2: AKP tests a candidate's knowledge, understanding and clinical decision-making abilities based on a standard of someone entering their core specialist training. It comprises two exams, each of which is 2 hours 30 minutes and taken on the same day. It uses an “N from Many” style, where you are asked to pick more than one answer for each question.


How to apply for the exam

You can only apply for the exams online. To do this, you will need to create an exam account (through the RCPCH site), choose the method of delivery from your account dashboard, completely fill out the application form, and then pay to secure your place.


Options for test delivery

  • At home – with online invigilation

  • Test centre – various locations across the UK



You are expected to have passed all MRCPCH Theory exams at the end of ST3.



Exam resources



Results are available 6-7 weeks following the exam. You have 6 attempts to pass each of the MRCHPCH exams, following which you will need to provide evidence of additional educational experience to be allowed to sit the exam.

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