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Unexpected Death in the Workplace - The Professional and Personal Impact Of Losing a Colleague: Resources

Paediatric Dialogue on Race:

A peer-led project for North West paediatricians with the aim to provide a safe and inclusive space to discuss all matters related to race. 

Insight Wellbeing at Work:  

0800 027 7844 or 0300 555 0120

The Lead Employer’s Employer Assistance Programme provider (EAP) Insight Healthcare offers confidential 24-hour helpline access, session-based counselling, legal and financial advice and various other specialist services.

HENW Trainee support network: (click on directory for list of services)

BMA Counselling and peer support for doctors and medical students (NB don't have to be BMA member to use):

Confidential 24/7 counselling and peer support services open to all doctors, medical students plus partners and dependents, 0330 123 1245.

Doctors’ Support Network:

The DSN is a confidential, peer support network for doctors and medical students with concerns about their mental health. As a registered charity, they aim to raise awareness, reduce stigma and influence the agenda regarding physician health.

Hope 4 Medics:

HOPE provides support and advice for doctors with a disability or chronic illness. The site was created by a doctor as a sign-posting service direct to relevant services and advice.

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