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Welcome to the North West Paediatric Mentoring Scheme across Manchester and Mersey as part of Health Education North West. Mentoring is well established within the business and education sectors to enhance personal and professional development and its use has been increasingly recognised within the medical profession. Mentoring programmes within medicine have shown benefits to practitioner well-being, professional confidence, career development and reflection skills. This Mentoring Scheme aims to support paediatric trainees to feel happier and more empowered during their training in the North West. 

What is the scheme?

As paediatric trainees within Mersey and Manchester we developed an interest in mentoring and how it could be used to support trainees in their career development and empower them to enhance their professional life. Our core values centre around supporting wellbeing, facilitating problem solving and trainee control over their careers. 

We have joined together to create a central scheme for the whole deanery in order to make it easier for mentees to apply and to allow for mentees and mentors to work together across the deanery as desired. We have a team of 6 mentoring leads which includes 4 RCPCH mentoring champions and we are supported by the heads of school in our roles.

Who is it for?

All paediatric trainees across the North West Deanery are welcome as Mentees, Mentors or both! We have found that everyone who has accessed the scheme in either role have benefitted in their personal and professional development. 

Mentoring is:

  • A framework in which trainees can get advice, support, guidance and someone to listen and help them

  • About broader personal development

  • Accessible to all paediatric trainees

Mentoring is not:

  • Educational or clinical supervision

  • Assessment or remediation

  • Teaching or counselling

How do you become a mentee?

To become a mentee, simply click on the link below or scan the QR code- signing yourself up takes just 2 minutes and then you can choose a mentor from the 'find new matches' area of the app. Its that simple! 

How do you become a mentor?

If you are interested in becoming a mentor then brilliant- simply send us an email with your name, current training grade and location and why you want to be a mentor and we'll put you on the list for one of the free training sessions. Once you're trained, simply sign up to the app on the link above and you're good to go. 


We run training bi-annually and will also send emails out with our next training sessions with plenty of notice. We also run workshops for our current mentors to support them and help them keep their skills up to date. 


At present our next course is:


Training day for new mentors -  5th December 2022 Full Day

Our contacts:

Mentoring Leads:

Rebecca Caulfield, Annie Colthorpe, Emily Hoyle, Violeta Sanchez Torres, 

Kelly Whitfield, Emily Whitehouse


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