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Stepping up North West is a regional network for senior trainees (ST7 and ST8) and new consultants (up to 3 years into consultancy). It was set up by RCPCH across the UK since September 2019. 

It should provide peer support for transition from trainee to consultant and support development of knowledge. 

Past pilot RCPCH Stepping up meetings have covered topics such as NHS Finance, Setting up a device, job planning, appraisal. Applying for Consultant jobs Business cases Commissioning etc.

Structure and content can be driven by target audience and could include keynote speakers, group discussion or workshops or virtual meetings

Merijam Kikic has been appointed a North West Stepping Up Champion since January 2020.

If you are interested joining or being a speaker please email her on

Mersey trainees are also welcome to join but there is also a Mersey Stepping Up champion Dr Helen Dallow who you can contact on

More details also available on RCPCH website.

North West Stepping up Event from 22nd April 2021 is available on Advance.



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