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Paediatric Reference Websites

Go to websites for up to date reference materials for paediatric trainees. Remeber to always use local guidelines where available. 


Don't Forget The Bubbles 

Bio from website: We have always been passionate about providing the best possible care for all children. What started out as a little project for four has grown to something so much bigger. Now, we want to share all our little bubbles of knowledge with you. With content covering everything you need on your road to mastery we’ll make you just that little bit more awesome.

Paediatric Pearls 

Bio from website: “This site is aimed at supporting the continuing professional development (CPD) of health professionals working with children. It is put together by a UK general paediatric consultant ably assisted and kept on her toes by bright-eyed, enthusiastic registrars (paediatricians in training) who ask questions the majority of which she can’t possibly answer without consulting the evidence-base”

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