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Adolescent Medicine 

Websites + Guidelines 


Royal Collage of Psychiatrists 

Guideline on Medical Emergencies in eating disorders 

Bee Well 

The #BeeWell programme is delivered in partnership with secondary schools to find out what affects young people’s wellbeing and what can be done to enhance it. Since 2021, we’ve listened to the voices of more than 60,000 young people across Greater Manchester. 

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Teaching + E Learning Resources 



MindEd is a free educational resource on children,
young people, adults and older people's mental health

RCPCH Learning 

E Learning Course on Healthy Development in Young People 



E Learning on adolescent Health 

We Can Talk 

E Learning designed to improve the experience of children and young people who attend hospital due to their mental health and the staff who support them.


Revision Resources 

We do not currently have any recommended resources for this section. Please contact us if you know of a resource you think should be included. 

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