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Who are we?

We are a group of trainees from the North West with a specialist interest in safeguarding.

Committee Members:

Georgie Bowling

Rebecca West

Kate Bowman

Gillian Anderson

Rhianna Netherton

With special thanks to our new consultant colleagues who help found the committee:

Rebecca Wilson

Lizzie Wareing

Mercedes Osuagwu

How do we want to help?

  • To develop further knowledge and understanding of paediatric safeguarding

  • Help support all trainees with managing safeguarding cases in general paediatrics

  • Keep up to date with new guidelines and new research in safeguarding and provide a platform to disseminate this to all trainees

  • Provide safeguarding related teaching- both from within the group and also from external speakers

What have we got planned?

If you’re interested in our mailing list for future events including teaching sessions, please email:

Helpful Resources

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