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Paediatric Awards for Training Achievement 2023-2024 

It’s that exciting time of year where you have the opportunity to nominate those amazing colleagues who’ve gone the extra mile! The PAFTA’s recognise the very best in paediatric training in the UK. Each year the RCPCH invites nominations from deaneries for junior trainees, senior trainees and educational supervisors.


Why does it matter?


2023 has brought another challenging year with rota issues, high patient demand and a cost of living crisis. Everyone is working so hard, and we want to celebrate some of the excellence in our specialty. The national RCPCH PAFTA nominees come from regional winners, with presentation of awards at the RCPCH conference, Birmingham in March 2024. We think the North West has some fantastic candidates and we’d love to champion them on the national stage.


How can I nominate?


Anyone can nominate. You can nominate as many people as you like via the link below.

To increase the likelihood of your nominee winning it would be helpful to include information about how they meet the judging criteria and the RCPCH values (see below). Please do not nominate yourself- it’s not in the spirit of the event and we will discount these entries.


***Regional voting is open from November 13th 2023 – December 13th 2023***

Nominations for national awards will be made by December 31st 2023

What awards are there?

There are 3 national awards ( )

• Best junior (ST1-3) trainee

• Best senior (ST4-8) trainee

• The Annie Callaghan Award for Best Educational Supervisor

There is also a local award for best training centre.


How do you decide who wins?


We will take into account the number of votes as well as the reasons for nomination. A shortlist will be compiled by the trainee reps and winners chosen by the PAFTA committee. Where anyone on the committee is nominated, they will not be involved in voting. Where nominees have won the previous year, we will prioritise other nominees to spread the achievements out.


How do I find out who won?


All nominees will receive an email with a certificate which can be uploaded to Kaizen. Winners will be announced after voting closes, via email and on the deanery website.


What are the judging criteria?

Junior Trainee and Senior Trainee

1. Demonstrates excellence in the fulfilment of their work in paediatrics

2. Demonstrates exemplary team working and support to peers

3. Demonstrates excellence in their interaction with patients and their families

4. Embodies the values of the RCPCH 

Educational Supervisor

1. Demonstrates excellence in the education of Paediatric trainees

2. Demonstrates exemplary personal support to trainees

3. Demonstrates innovation to teaching and education

4. Embodies the values of the RCPCH

Training Centre

1. The department or unit shows excellence in the education and training of paediatric trainees

2. The department or unit provides exemplary support to trainees

3. The department or unit shows excellence in adhering to the principles of the RCPCH trainee charter (

 I have a question about the PAFTA’s which hasn’t been answered here:

Get in touch with your reps: RCPCH trainee rep Shaun Lane Deputy trainee rep Alice Willson

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