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Paeds North West RTT Team

Welcome to any NW paediatric trainees that are preparing to take time out of training, are currently out of training, or are preparing to return from time out.

Whatever the reason for time out of training, there are obvious challenges from having a break and on returning many trainees report issues such as loss of confidence, clinical competence, knowledge and also report challenges in adjusting to new personal circumstances. However, there is lots of support available to get you back into the groove after your break)

Our top-tips for returning to paediatric training in the North West

1. Your best source for info on all things RTT is the HEE NW SuppoRTT webpage. From here you’ll find information on the RTT process and timeline, the KIT/SuppoRTT day application form and the SuppoRTT NW calendar (which includes info on regional courses/ webinars including paediatric-specific courses and cross-speciality RTT courses). 

2. Structured RTT meetings will enable you to put in place a tailored plan around your own learning/development needs- There are three meetings: the pre-absence meeting, the pre-return meeting, and the post-returnmeeting. You should arrange all of these meetings with your Educational Supervisor. Online forms can be accessed from SuppoRTT NW website here. The meeting forms should be completed and downloaded. You should then upload forms onto your Kaizen eportfolio. 

In addition, send completed forms to 1. TPD, 2. school SuppoRTT champion, 3. Trust SuppoRTT champion.

3. Plan pre-return meeting early. At least 8-12 weeks before you return to work- that way you can liaise with your educational supervisor (ES) and rota master to arrange a period of enhanced supervision. We really recommend you take up the opportunity to arrange this. During this period, you should be doing the job you are returning to but with the right level of support. This can involve changes to the on-call rota if necessary, to ensure appropriate supervision is available. For example, this would enable you to avoid unsupervised shifts, such as nights, within your first weeks back. It is not intended to be supernumerary work, but it can be if this is needed. 

4. Contact your paeds NW SuppoRTT champion for additional advice and information, especially when planning your return. This can be particularly helpful when you don’t yet know who will be your educational supervisor in the post you are returning to.

Mersey: Fulya Mehta

Manchester: Ranganath Rangana

Each trust also has a trust SuppoRTT champion

5. Max-out your KIT/SuppoRTT days. You will generally have 10 combined days in total- use these for induction, courses, shadowing etc. If you have any left over days when you’re planning your actual return day then pick remote courses/ arrange to practice a skill you need to brush up etc etc. Once you’re back onto a rota its more tricky to find space and time for these things. To find out more about KIT/SuppoRTT days and to complete the combined application form, visit the NW SuppoRTT website. Nb. KIT= Keeping in touch

There are several offers that are available from the Paeds NW RTT Team

  1. Attend one of the paeds NW courses- either in Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, or Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Next courses: 

Liverpool 7th July 2021 in AHCH; contact

Liverpool 10th November 2021 in AHCH; contact

Manchester March date tbc 2022 in RMCH; contact

Other cross-speciality NW RTT courses are really helpful, get great feedback and complement the paeds-specific courses- see the SuppoRTT NW calendar.

2. Book on to a one of our 1-hour simulation workshops- We will be facilitating learning from filmed immersive technology simulations covering common emergency presentations, including cardiac arrest, sepsis and asthma. 

Booking form link to follow..

3. Book out a paediatric or neonatal skills box for practice of clinical procedures at home… Watch this space for more info as these are currently being developed- boxes will be available to book out during the RTT courses and at other times too. Booking form link to follow..

4. Link up with peers that are also out of training/just returned- it helps to have a network of people who can understand your challenges and can support you. 

Consider joining the Paeds NW OOP Whatsapp group.. 

Join using the link or QR code here: 

5. Consider mentoring- Get in contact and you can be matched with a mentor, this may be within paediatrics or from another speciality. 

Paeds NW mentoring team:

If you’d like a non-paediatric mentor get in touch with the NW SuppoRTT team.

6. Check out the remote resources available to you on Advance- powered by panopto - live streamed teaching via Panopto can be accessed as a KIT or SuppoRTT day and you can also access recorded content at any time.

Useful Links

NW SuppoRTT website:

Trainee eLH Training:

MySuppoRTT- 6 short films telling the stories of doctors who have returned to training:

If your ES doesn’t know anything about RTT advise they visit the NW SuppoRTT website and also link in with your school or trust SuppoRTT champion. There is even some training available:

Educational supervisor RTT eLH Training:

Trainee RTT eLH Training:

SuppoRTT Champion details for each trust:

Contact details for trust flexible working champions:

Lead employer Maternity leave policy: 

Shared parental leave policy:

Learning Resources: To name a few… Overwhelming we know- don’t beat yourself up if you’ve no hope of getting through a 10th of these at your current point in time!


Alder Hey Global Lecture series:

Don’t forget the bubbles courses:

Tracheostomy safety project videos:

Manchester paeds teaching videos:

Manchester School of Paediatrics teaching page

SuppoRTT immersive resources

RCPCH Educational webinars

Great webinar on decreasing paediatrician fatigue

Registrar survival guide-

A question-based resource which reviews key concepts and scenarios a returning practitioner may face when managing patients on the frontline.

HEE Supported Return to Training Intelligent Question bank  

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