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Websites + Guidelines 


British Paediatric Neurology Association

"British Paediatric Neurology Association is the professional organisation for medical professionals in the UK and internationally who specialise in the care of children with neurological disorders."

Clinical Guidelines on Stroke in Childhood 

Flowchart of recommendations produced by stroke association in conjunction with RCPCH. 

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The Management of Children and Young People with an Acute Decrease in Conscious Level

Flowchart for the recommendations from RCPCH for children and young people with an acute decrease in conscious level. 

Matthew's Friends

UK based charity dedicated to the ketogenic diet. 

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Better Safe Than Tumour

RCPCH affiliated guidelines on the assessment and diagnosis of brain tumours. 

Teaching + E Learning Resources 


RCPCH - Learning 

E Learning module on a practical approach to neuromuscular disorders. 

Revision Resources 


MRCPCH - Clinicals

Examination guides, common conditions and videos for the neurology examination. 

Hammersmith Neurology Examination

Detailed infant neurological examination,. 


Wiggles, Shimmies and Shakes: A Review of Pediatric Movement Disorders

Youtube video showing several movement disorders. 

Head Smart - Brain Tumour Decision Support Tool 

"The decision support tool advises on management of a child or young adult presenting with various symptoms, in relation to exploring the possibility of a brain tumour."

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How to use lumbar puncture manometry in children 

Detailed article instructing on the use of manometry in children. 

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