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Taking Time Out of Training 

Taking time out of training is a fantastic way of gaining additional skills and experiences that can't be achieved within the confines of the training programme. From research, to clinical fellowships, to travelling across the world there are lots of opportunities to explore. 

There are five different categories of OOP (out of programme):

1. OOP for Clinical Training (OOPT): Allows the trainee to spend time in clinical training that is outside the usual speciality training programme and is approved prospectively by the GMC.

2. OOP for Clinical Research (OOPR): Allows the trainee to undertake research usually working towards a further degree.

3. OOP for Clinical Experience (OOPE): Allows the trainee to gain clinical experience which isn't required by their training programme

4. OOP for Career Break (OOPC): Allows a planned career break to pursue other interests.

5. OOP Pause (OOPP): This allows trainees to step off the training ladder and undertake work within the NHS or similar patient facing role. 

Trainees must give a minimum of 6 months notice of their intention to undertake time out of training. It is advisable to discuss early with your educational supervisor and training programme director. 

The process for applying for time out of programme can be found on the deanery website.

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